Bruce Oreck
U.S. Ambassador to Finland (2009-2015)
Hack like you mean it

David Chiu
California State Assembleymember

Miverva Tantoco
First CTO for New York City

Peter Vesterbacka

Steve Adler
Austin City Mayor


Check out these great presentations from members of our global community.

Aarni Heiskanen
AEC Business
Digital Construction from Now On

Alice Leung
Brick & Mortar Ventures
Starting A Company In AEC

Amy Marks
Industrialized Construction and Design for Fabrication

Andy Lambert
Milwaukee Tools
Connected Jobsite

Anya Boguslavsky
Greystar Development & Construction
BIM and Smart Building Integrations

Arto Kiviniemi
buildingSMART International

Atul Khanzode
DPR Construction
Lessons learned with technology

Benny Baltrotsky
AEC Happy Hour Chat

Blake Berg
DB Partners
Breaking Down Technology Silos to Deliver Value in Project Delivery

Brek Goin
How technology leaders can build the next generation

Bronwyn Barry
North American Passive House Network
Hacking Policy for High Performance Buildings: a Passivhaus Smackdown of Title-24

Bruno Balbinot
Productivity & Connectivity Through Digitalization

Caner Dolas
GAMMA Technologies
Construction site management using AR

Cherise Lakeside
RDH Building Science
Let's Talk About Specs Baby

Chris Jervey
Honoring the Hack

Chris Moor
The Structural Steel Industry

Christie Federico
Smart Buildings

Clifton Harness
Generative Design & Real Estate Development

Cody Nowak
Building the Built Environment with Immersive Technologies

Curtis Rodgers
Brick & Mortar Ventures
AEC Hackathon alumni update

Damon Hernandez
How 3D Design Enhances Robotic Manufacturing

Daniel Davis
Buildings = Data

Danielle Dy Buncio
What's your problem? Problem Focused and Customer Centric Innovation

Dave Fano
Big Data in AEC

David Beard
Augmented Reality using Vuforia

David de Yarza
Hack it 'till you make it. From Hackathon to Market, and beyond.

Devin Baldwin
Berkeley Lab
My Journey in Web, XR, & Digital Twins

Don Brutzman
Web3D Consortium
Web3D opportunities for AEC BIM

Elizabeth Guzman
Unity Technologies
Unity for AEC

Emily Olman
Hopscotch Interactive
Reality Capture & Prop Tech

Erin Khan
Suffolk Construction
Innovations at Suffolk

Flavio Cambraia
Innovation At Scale

Fodan Deng
gad Architecture Design
Algorithmic Design in Engineering

Greg Howes
Mass Timber in US & Europe

Hugh Geoghegan
Model checking in the cloud

Hugh Seaton
Glimpse Group
Augmented and Virtual Reality in AEC

James Benham
J.B. Knowledge
AEC Future Tech

Jason Li
OpenBIM-based Intellectualized Design for Interior Design

Jeffrey Ouellette
jō consulting
Counterpoint & Challenge: When Technology is NOT the Problem...NOR the Solution

Joshua Zabel
Kreysler & Associates
Digital Fabrication & Composites

Juan Carlos Germano
Innovator's Dilemma

Julieta Moradei
New Story
R&D For Impact

Justin Quimby
Quimby Heavy Industries
AEC Industry Adoption Challenges

Kean Walmsley
Autodesk Research
Project Dasher: Autodesk's research into Digital Twins for AEC

Kelsey Taylor
Engage Civil Incorporated
What really happens in civil design

Kevin Carr
When 3D Laser Scanning Meets 3D Printing

Kevin Picchi
Samsung Internet
Intro to Multi-Device Experiences & WebXR

Lauren Vasey
Towards Adaptive and Autonomous Robotic Fabrication in Architecture and Construction

Leticia Lima das Chagas
VEC Brasil
Building Performance Evaluation

Malcolm Williamson
Center Advanced Spatial Technologies
Geospatial Perspectives of the Built Environment

Marc Kinsman
XR for Construction

Mariana Macedo
Papo Construtivo
21 Century Construction In Brazil

Martin Fischer
Center for Integrated Facility Engineering

Mike Flaxman
Geodesign Technologies

Natalie Rens
Sustainable and autonomous structures for Earth and Mars

Nathan Wood
Construction Progress Coalition
Supply and Demand of Interoperability in AEC

Niels Falk
HD Lab
Blockchain for AEC

Paul Doherty
The Digit Group
Smart Cities
AEC In the Age of Pandemics

Regina Ruschel
Scientific Research Inspiring Innovation

Ricardo Khan
Using Virtual Reality to Walk Through Buildings

Rich Blomseth
Preparing for the Industrial Internet of Things

Rick Bawcum
CSI Crosswalk

Salla Eckhardt
If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat! Just get on

Shajay Bhooshan
Zaha Hadid Architects
Agile and participatory BIM-from 3D printing to games & houses

Shiya Luo
Web3D API for AEC

Simeon Gow
UK Perspective on AEC

Simon Hart
Innovate UK
UK Innovation & Transforming Construction

Stefan Schneider
Cut My Timber
Digital Fabrication & Timber

Stephanie Bay
Nohara Holdings
Nohara Holding, innovation with a 400 year old construction company

Steve Holzer
ABC's of IFC

Stuart Maggs
Scaled Robotics
Construction Robotics & AI

Tadeh Hakopian
HMC Architects
Building Your Tech Stack

Teemu Lehtinen
Hacking AEC one experiment at a time - Highlights from Finland

Tiago Ricotta
Athie Wohnrath
Keep It Simple

Timo Hartmann
Hacking cloud exchanges - Finally BIM Collaboration

Todd Wynne
Rogers-O'Brien Construction
In AEC, the C is not silent

Torben Klitgaard
BLOXHUB - Nordic hub for sustainable urbanization

Torbjørn Grimstad
Battle-tested & gamified Digital Twins innovating manufacturing workflows

Vanessa Ching
GeoWorks / Singapore Land Authority
3D Singapore Sandbox

Vincent Kuo
VXT Research
Three ways to forecast the future of artificial intelligence in AEC

Vishal Porwal
Hack it 'till you make it. From Hackathon to Market, and beyond.

Vivin Hegde
Life Beyond the Hackathon

Xiaoye Zhuang
Shanghai BIM
AEC Hackathon campaign in China

Zhihe Wang
University of Southern California
Augmented Reality for Room Acoustics